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Thoughts on world Domination

Gay Sex Is Fun! Tell Your Friends!

The Princess of Snark
I am a woman.
I am short and pissed off.
Not pissed on.
I like men and women, preferable on top of me in bed =)
I work... nah, it's too complicated to explain. It's not porn so why would you care?
I hang out with a bunch of fucked up people who I love dearly and would not give up for the freaking world.
I will torment your soul and bake you cookies!
I have what could be considered a twisted view of life in general.
I hate elmo. He really freaks me out, with his squeaky little voice, and his constant chatter in third person. He's a fucking muppet! He's allowed to say I! Get a Fucking clue you sick twisted freak!!!

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